created 2016-03-26 / modified 2016-04-20
Anesthesia Machine 2000 D is a complete solution for operation room. Offering great flexibility and safety for users in all situations

Main Features

  •  Built-in 10.4" colour anaesthesia ventilator with continuous FiO2 monitoring
  •  New compact CO2 absorber (auto-clavable, Patent).
  •  high end precise vaporizer(volume>280ml, Patent).
  •  Battery backup for all system over 60 mins, bain circuit interface.
  •  Optional touch screen anaesthesia ventilator, one key ventilation operation(Manual/Auto).
  •  Optional: Anaesthesia gas scavenging system
  •  Optional: Electronic anaesthesia vaporizer(Patent).
  •  Optional: Yoke system, electronic tidal volume(Innovation).
  •  Optional: EtCO2 monitoring function, Anaesthesia patient monitor.
  •  Optional: Built-in air compressor or Air/O2 inter-link system(innovation).